About Yokosuka Tegata

Check out all these special deals, discounts, and services!

Newcomers and regulars can all enjoy shopping, drinking, eating, and playing in Yokosuka!

Fully experience Yokosuka at an affordable price! 


With Yokosuka Tegata, you can fully enjoy Yokosuka!

Price 3,000YEN

Available for purchase at the tourist center and other various locations.

How to use Yokosuka Tegata

Visit the shops listed on the pamphlet! They can be identified with the Yokosuka Tegata Flag and operating hours can be checked on the website.
Walk around and browse shops with Yokosuka Tegata!

When you show your voucher to the staff, you will be shown that shop’s welcome card.
Select your desired special deal or service! (Some shops also have special sets prepared for Yokosuka Tegata.)

One voucher can be used in place of 1,000 yen. Please pay for any additional fees for extra orders. You will not receive change from using Yokosuka Tegata.


ブーランジェリー ザクロ

Boulangerie Zacro

和創作 x オイスターDINING 家門



Charcoal Grilled BBQ Marusutei

沖縄料理と泡盛の店 ぬだいくわたい 



Sakedokoro Soma

酒のデパート ヒトモト

Sake Department Store Hitomoto

MIKASA vol.2

MIKASA vol.2

酒蔵 一升屋 久里浜店

Isshouya Kurihama

酒のデパート ヒトモト 立ち呑みカウンター

Standing Bar Hitomoto


The release date of the NOGE-TEGATA has finally been decided!

The release date of the YOKOSUKA TEGATA has finally been decided! It will be available for purchase from the 25th of April.

Voucher Inquiries


YDMS Co., Ltd.


( Weekdays 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM )


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About Us

Yokosuka Tegata are cash vouchers that can be used at participating stores in Yokosuka and helps support the local economy. It is organized by the Yokosuka Action Committee for the Promotion of Visitor Attraction (Yokosuka City, Yokosuka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Keikyu Corporation); supported by the Yokosuka City Tourism Association; and issued by YDMS Co., Ltd.

Organized by Yokosuka Action Committee for the Promotion of Visitor Attraction.

Supported by Yokosuka City Tourism Association.

Issued by YDMS Co., Ltd.